Effortless plant
identification and care

Some beautiful flower caught your eye? Learn everything about it and get care tips and reminders from PlantSpot.

PlantSpot – a must-have for any plant enthusiast

Discover nature around you, get interesting facts and helpful tips for planting and raising flowers, succulents, cactuses, and more.

Easy plant identification: nature meets technology

No more searching for plant pictures or browsing databases! With PlantSpot’s complex artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, you will get fast and accurate plant identification. Find out everything about any plant, flower or tree among 300 000+ species from all over the world.

A gardening guru in your pocket

With PlantSpot you will explore beautiful flowers on your hike and identify undesired weeds in your garden. You will distinguish between edible and poisonous berries and learn how to care for any plant you want to raise.

How Our App Works

Take a photo of the plant you are interested in or upload a plant shot from your gallery.
Find out plant’s name, biologic classification, symbolism, and interesting facts about it.
Create collections of plants divided into groups by watering frequency, outdoor or indoor care and more, and come back to enjoy them later.
Get plant care tips and watering reminders that will help you to raise it beautiful and healthy.

Why use PlantSpot

Plant Identification
Instantly find out what plant you encountered on your hike or got as a gift.
Flora Investigation
Discovering your local flora is a great way to learn more about nature around.
Discover and Learn
Become a nature enthusiast by discovering and learning more about dazzling plants and flowers around you.
Share the knowledge
Improve PlantSpot's AI by identifying more plants, expanding its database, and helping the algorithm to learn.

Explore nature with PlantSpot

Every time you meet some gorgeous flower, take 1 snap with PlantSpot to instantly identify it. Learn everything about any plant and add it to your favorites.

You are guaranteed to enjoy going out more, as every trip means a new chance to encounter some beautiful species and expand your collection.

Plant Identification
made easy

For the past decade plant identification science has evaluated into a very specific and vast field. It gathers everyone starting from nature lovers and home-sitters with hobbies to agricultural and natural experts. So, we've gathered the forces of different departments and specialists to create a powerful project like PlantSpot. It was created to answer the main questions about a plant you are looking for. And each day we are trying to make our product better, faster and more accurate in plant identification.

Who could have imagined that you can receive an accurate plant identification in a few seconds by simply taking a picture or uploading a photo into a small application? For the past few years we have been working with the smartest scientists and nature loving developers to design software that could tell anyone the name of the plant, its Kingdom and other helpful information in a moment. We made it possible by taking the scientific approach into our AI technology. All the basics from plant identification methods are brought into the one application.

We have spent a long time testing and perfecting our software. Only when we felt our application was good enough, we made it available to the public. Right now, millions of users can take advantage of our proprietary AI technology for identifying the plants they encounter in their daily life.
Although, our work is far from done. With every snap of a plant our users upload to the application, our plant identification software is becoming more and more precise. Right now, we cover about 90% of all plants growing anywhere in the world, but we have no doubt that we will be able to bring that number to 100% very soon.

Join millions of nature enthusiasts who
are already learning more about the beautiful flora around